Build with us

All the world's data.  One powerful platform. Real-time performance.

Love what you do

...and everything that comes with it.

Hybrid work environment

Enjoy the freedom to work from the comfort of your chosen environment, eliminating commutes and allowing for a personalized work set-up for productivity and work-life balance.

Unlimited PTO

Embrace a work culture that prioritizes your well-being with unlimited paid time off, empowering you to recharge and take breaks whenever you need.

Inclusive culture

Experience a workplace where collaboration, respect, and a shared sense of purpose are core. We foster a supportive and inclusive atmosphere that encourages innovation, creativity, and strong interpersonal relationships among teammates.

Career growth

Thrive in an environment that actively invests in your professional development through mentorship, training programs, and advancement opportunities, empowering you to reach your full potential and achieve your career goals.

Medical insurance

Extensive, dependable medical coverage that emphasizes your health and wellness, offering reassurance and financial stability during medical emergencies, while guaranteeing accessible, high-quality healthcare for you and your family.

Our values


Be human first

We strive for excellence together, mindful of individual lives, loved ones, and duties. Open communication fosters support and teamwork. Our commitment to excellence extends everywhere, valuing well-being and relationships.


Keep things simple

Simplify, streamline, and prioritize. Focus on being best-in-class and what truly matters to customers. Less noise drives more effectiveness. Prioritize and question what's essential so that you're always driving value.


Make every day count

Every day, take steps toward our goals. Your autonomy demands genuine effort. In a field where others wield more resources, our strength lies in strategic focus and impactful daily contributions. Recognize that busy work hampers progress.


Be the driver

We grant you presence and influence over our company's present and future. You play a pivotal role in shaping and achieving outcomes. Keep the customer in mind, nurture the overall vision, and focus on cultivating the finest opportunities.


Seek product excellence

Create a product that users advocate and evangelize through word of mouth Dedicate time to support product development, encompassing the full customer experience.


Embrace optimism

We're a startup, embracing the odds with unwavering optimism. We tackle challenges others shy away from. If it's within the realm of physics, it's achievable. With smart, swift, and simple planning, we get things done.  Excuses have no place here.