We're empowering developers to compose the next era of data

Our mission

Data is the force behind progress. Our vision is to free developers from complex backend management, allowing them to access and use data, while our platform manages the intricacies. Led by tech visionaries, Canopy is a foundation for secure, scalable data composition. We simplify integration to revolutionize data's impact.

How it began

The quest to build a powerful platform for developers to shape data instantly


Data Standardization

APIs improve data interoperability.

Roy Fielding PhD publishes dissertation on REST APIs.


Outlawing monoliths

promotes a service-based enterprise architecture, fostering rapid solution creation.

Jeff Bezos mandates APIs and microservices at Amazon.


Ryan is a software developer at Dell, and early adopter of services, migrating monoliths to early composable systems that run $10B lines of business, and helping Dell scale from $30B to +$60B


Internet scale infra

Cloud infrastructure enables global development, saving significantly on initial procurement of physical data center products.

Amazon Web Services launches, by releasing the Simple Storage Service (S3).


Defining the Cloud future

Ryan joins Rackspace as a founding cloud computing product manager to  build new cloud services including a PaaS (Platform as a Service), disrupt the managed hosting business and plan OpenStack


Bulding global Commerce Services

Ryan joins ebay to lead several products, redeveloping as a series of Commerce Services including global checkout, returns, & reverse logistics.


Building AI/ML platforms

Ryan leads the mobile & innovation teams for Staples, a $20B enterprise with one of the largest B2B eComm groups at $15B. Ryan spearheads projects to use Natural Language processing & understanding, ML models + commerce services to reinvent the B2B customer relationship at Staples.


A new AI breakthrough leads to better software

The Transformer model accelerates the shift from deterministic to probabilistic software architecture, leading to breakthroughs. OpenAI's ChatGPT launches in 2022, quickly reaching 100M users.

Google research publishes "Attention is All You Need " The academic paper that kicked off generative AI.


Founded fabric, a unicorn start-up for commerce services

Ryan founded fabric, a startup valued at $1.5B in 2022 to disrupt the commerce platform market for enterprise and mid-market, by building a suite of modular and composable products.


Morgan Dollard joins Ryan at fabric to lead product management and take the company to it's next stage of growth


Canopy is founded

Ryan and Morgan launch a new architecture approach to building backends by focusing on DATA and the need to easily combine & remix data from discreet services and datasources.


Canopy's public launch

Canopy publicly launches to great fanfare, fast traction, and happy customers.

Backed by forward thinking investors

Global Top 50 Tech VC, Forbes Midas List
Uber, Coinbase, Postmates
Luminary LPs including Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos
$5+ Billion in funding