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Veeqo streamlines inventory and order management for e-commerce businesses, enabling efficient multi-channel selling and fulfillment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Connector?

A Connector is the implementation of a Source with specific information related to its specific usage. For example, "token" and "store" configuration for a Shopify Source.

What is a Transformation?

A Transformation is a configured action that modifies JSON data resulting from a Connector. It can be used to adjust the data before it is merged into a Canopy or on the merged JSON as a whole.

Where are Transformations used?

Transformations are created at the Organization level and can be tied directly to a Canopy or a Canopy Service. They are applied in sequential order when the Canopy is executed.

 What are the available Transformations?

Currently available Transformations include Concatenate, Copy, Delete, Extract, Merge, Move, Rename, and Set.

How do I integrate Canopy into my application?

Integrating Canopy into your web application is fairly easy using the provided JavaScript library:

  1. Add the Canopy JavaScript library to the <head> section of your application.
  2. Instantiate the Canopy class with the desired event types.
  3. Build a callback handler to receive events.
  4. Call the Canopy with the desired endpoint ID and payload.

What are Connector Extensions?

Connector Extensions are extensions that can be tied to a Connector added to a Canopy. They offer enhanced functionality to an existing Connector, adding features like caching and failover.

What is a Canopy?

A Canopy serves as a connection layer between your front end, and the multitude of services it requires to operate. Rather than handling numerous direct calls to various services, your front end sends a singular request to a Canopy, which then communicates with these services on your behalf.

Not only does this streamline the process and improve performance, but Canopy also provides valuable insights and alerts, as well as caching capabilities, that enhance your application's performance and your understanding of its operation.

How is Canopy priced?

Canopy offers flexible pricing options tailored to your needs, including: 

  • Developer: with basic features to get you started.
  • Team: Designed for your group, offering more projects, users, data sources, and monitoring capabilities.
  • Enterprise: full features including monitoring, unlimited usage and transformations, and top tier support.

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What SaaS applications does Canopy have connections for?

Canopy can connect to any data source. You can view a list of Connectors here. Don’t see what you’re looking for? You can build a connector in minutes with the Canopy Builder.

Does Canopy offer a free trial?

Canopy’s free trial is not yet available. Join our waitlist to get exclusive access to Canopy’s trial, early bird pricing, and the latest news, info, and product releases.